This is THIRTY...and counting

Here I am at 1am in the middle of what seems to be an impulsive life decision but actually has been so researched, thought about and planned out that it actually turned into procrastination. The final "Screw it" moment also came sometime between 1am and 3 am.

Because this is 30...31 actually.

I've been struggling with a few realities since I was 28. There was a mental breakdown. An emotional breakdown somewhere between 28 and 30. Because 15 year old me was a bad ass. 15 year old me was driven. 15 year old me had a plan. That plan did not happen how it was supposed to. There was no swim scholarship to Delta State so I could major in business and aviation. Thank you Hurricane Katrina. There was no Air Force right after high school. Thank you anemia. The backup plan to the backup plan didn't work. Nor did the next one.

Then I'm in love. Sorta. Not really. I can admit that now. So that didn't work. Then I really did find love. He came with three boys. Plans changed real quick. I got a premade family. There was no plan that included both the love I found and the adventurous lifestyle I was positive at 15 I was going to have.

So in the early hours of the morning, unable to sleep for whatever reason my brain would not shut down, I decided I was just going to start my blog that I had literally been talking about for over a year. Ask my best friends. During the pandemic I obsessed over it but never took any initiative.

This project of mine will probably drive my husband crazy at first. He'll warm up to it though.

Now all my research on blogging preaches about having a niche. That's all well and good. And there is definitely some sound logic to that. But let's be honest. Humans don't have a niche; we wear so many hats it's ridiculous.

So for my very first blog post since Myspace days I'm going to make a list of 30 goals. Thirty goals that I wish to accomplish by the next milestone age in my mind. 45. That's right I'm giving myself just shy of 15 years to knock out 30 goals. Hey, we really can't be too demanding on ourselves right?

  1. Eat healthier. You remember that badass 15 year old I told you I was? So how about she ate stupid healthy. Oatmeal for breakfast. Orange juice. Water. Fruits fruits fruits. And during swim season it was even more obnoxious. I won't ever be 15 year old size again. Babies stretch you out. But I can get pretty close to 15 year old healthy.

  2. More active life style. And I don't mean running myself to death for a 40 hour a week job. I mean camping, hiking, swimming and dare I say it....running.

  3. Run a whole 5k. Several actually. To Write Love On Her Arms has a 5k I want to do. Disney has a 5k. Alzhemiers. Several other organizations that I support.

  4. Write a novel. I have been writing in diaries and journals since I knew how to form sentences. I should at least try to use that for something.

  5. Reconnect and establish friendships. This whole pandemic as really shown me how lonely I am.

  6. Become an E-6. I promised my grandpa I would. I didn't think it was possible until my IRR career counselor called and went over my options. Now I get ready to pass the new PT test and wait for orders.

  7. Develop a greener lifestyle. This one has a lot of smaller goals. Make a compost pit. Learn how to can food. Remember my reusable shopping bags.

  8. Go to Disney World. I live 8 hours away and have never been. My goal is to take Tristan for his 5th birthday. Since he's a February baby, he'll turn 5 and still have a while before he starts Kindergarten.

  9. Take better care of my pets. I feel really bad about this one. I don't even have a vet for my pets. One of those grown up things I've never done.

  10. Take better care of my yard. I really want a garden like my Granny had.

  11. Establish better relationships with my parents. Kids are supposed to grow up and want a relationship with their parents.

  12. Establish better relationships with other family. I am not close to any of my family. We've always lived too far away.

  13. Cook every recipe in a single cookbook. Honestly for these next three because why not?

  14. Learn to fly.

  15. Learn to drive a boat.

  16. Learn to knit, crochet, woven art There's a lot of women in my family that do some sort of knitting or crochet. I'm not entirely sure what the difference is. But I do feel like those arts are dying.

  17. Complete as many Pinterest projects as possible.

  18. Visit 5 states that I've never visited before.

  19. Learn to destress.

  20. Learn to stop being so harsh on myself.

  21. Develop better time management.

  22. Develop and maintain a cleaning schedule. I just want to stop stressing so much about what needs to be cleaned and when.

  23. Invest more locally. Because I really love where I live. I didn't when I was a teenager. All I wanted to do was to move closer to the boy who could have been the one if I was just his next door neighbor. But now that I'm more mature and have a husband, I can see the value of my coast.

  24. Go to an apple orchard. Just think of all the apple things. Apple pies. Apple butter. Mmmmm apples.

  25. Volunteer more. This is one of the things I miss and I strongly contribute to the decline in my mental health. I grew up volunteering. I volunteered in Girl Scouts. I volunteered with the church. I volunteered with Key Club. I volunteered the first part of college. Then life happened.

  26. Finish a degree or own my own business. These are just some of those things that come with a sense of accomplishment. Both will be pretty hard to maintain but life works in mysterious ways.

  27. Read more real books. Because I love love LOVE reading.

  28. Teach Tristan cool things. I want him to be so fascinated with the world and how it works. I want him to respect it and want to protect it. I really just want to raise a pretty awesome dude.

  29. More original dates with the husband. Jeremy deserves it. Our marriage deserves it.

  30. Be proud of myself. At 45 I want to be able to be proud of where I am and if I'm proud of how I got there that would be a bonus.

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