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Potty Training Chronicles: Week 1

Week one of potty training as it is happening.

Day 1: Sunday. Mommy had to work. Daddy was left to his own devices. The plan was not to start on Sunday but Tristan found his underwear and got extremely excited for some Paw Patrol training pants. Tristan went through 4 pairs before lunch. Daddy changed him into pull-ups because Older Brothers wanted to go bowling.

Day 2: Monday.

Tristan did not sleep well last night. He coughed half the night. He'd wake up coughing, start choking on his own mucus and panic which resulted in crying. When I wasn't up and down with him, I was up and down going pee because when you're 29 weeks pregnant that's what happens.

Tristan is tired. Mommy is exhausted. I don't really have the stamina for this. We made it to lunch without peeing at all. We've tried. Tristan has decided he hates the small Elmo toilet. I need ink. So we pack extra clothes, underwear, a towel and put the potty in the back of the car. We go to Office Depot and home again no accidents in the car or the store. Thirty minutes after we get home there's an accident on the floor.

Did I mention that I am exhausted?

Didn't even have the energy to rush him to the little toliet. But he sat there until I cleaned his mess. Crying his heart out because there was a mess.

I'm not sure who is more done at this point. Mommy or son.

But we're still in our training pants.

Now it's dinner time. I'm trying to make a quick soup. He's occupied at the table.

I just finished mincing onions. Crying like a champ. Trying to wash the onion juice off my hands. And he falls. Bump. Bump. Bump. Kid hit his head on the table. On the chair. Again on the floor. I run go scoop him up as soon as I finish washing the onion juice off my hands. I cuddle with him in the chair. Except he doesn't want cuddles.

I get a nose bleed.

Time for a pull-up. Today has been too much.

It's our true day one and I'm so done.

But as we start our night time routine, my mom tells me she's proud of how well I'm handling the task.

Day 2: Tuesday.

Apparently Tristan likes the big potty better than the little elmo potty. He asked to use it first thing.

We now have potty toys. Which are really just his bath toys but I told him he can only play with them when we go to the potty.

He asked several times to go potty just because he wanted his potty toys. He likes showing off his stickers whenever he pottys.

There were still accidents but a whole lot less. If only I can get my dad to stop letting out an exasperated sigh every time there's an accident.

Day 3: Wednesday

We're bad parents. We didn't even try today.

I had a check up on baby Trevor. Then we went to a sale at Once Upon A Child.

Then Tristan played outside with Daddy and chalk while I got a turkey in the oven.

Next we went to the mall so I could spend Christmas gift cards.

And of course Murphys law of pregnancy, I got hit with an extreme wave of exhaustion. Fell asleep when we got home from the mall. Woke up in time to eat. Then fell asleep again.

Day 4: Thursday

Honestly...this is the day I've been dreading all week. Daddy works til 4pm. Mommy works til 9pm. Granny has to take the reins on potty time.

Tristan earns 2 stickers before I leave. No accidents.

He earns 3 more from Granny but poops in his underwear twice.

He earns 1 more sticker from daddy. Then daddy switches back to pullups.

He's keeping his training pants dry longer.

Day 5: Friday.

Mommy had to be at work til 5. Daddy had to be at work til 8.

Looks like he only went through 2 training pants during the time granny watched him.

She says hes been doing really good. He's beginning to communicate the need to pee. He's using elmo toliet again along with big potty.

I took him to eat Olive Garden. I just put a pull-up over his training pants. He started squirming around in the seat so I asked him if he had to potty. He said yes.

He peed in the restruant toliet.

It was an episode because he freaked out. He almost got dropped in the toliet. Definitely gonna invest in one of those folding training toliet seats.

When he gets tired he freaks out more about the potty.

Day 7:Sunday

Yesterday was a long day for mommy at work. Little man barely was changed from his night pullup to his training pants before I had to leave. He was already in his night pullup and halfway to sleep when I returned home.

When we got him ready for church we put a pull-up over the training pants. He tried to go pee before Sunday school and after. He peed enough between the two that his training pants stayed dry.

Then we went out to eat after church. He tried again at the restaurant. We got all the way home with dry training pants. We made him pee in the big boy toliet before we went to the mall to purchase potty books.

Summary: Week 1 of potty training. 2 meltdowns by child. 1 meltdown by mommy. I am proud of the progress he's made.

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