Potty Training Chronicles: patience

We've at this since January 16th. We limited his screen time that first week because he'd turn into a screen zombie and wouldn't answer if we asked him and wouldn't tell us. Every morning I'd draw a toliet on construction paper. He'd add certain stickers for peepee and certain stickers for poop. Also with poop he gets a Dumdum sucker. I don't have to draw toliets anymore. He still asks for stickers every now and then after he goes potty. But he'll go to his Elmo toliet alone. He even went poop the other day without telling us he needed to beforehand. Yesterday we were both off. We took him to storytime. Packed the toliet in the back. Left his underwear on. Asked him before and after if he had to potty. No. Asked him at Burger Burger when we got there. Yes. So he pottied in the restaurant potty. We came home for a little bit and let him play in the backyard. He discovered peeing in the grass is super fun. He did so twice before we went back inside. Then off onto our next adventure. He ended up having an accident in his carseat. We changed him and put paper towels down in his seat. He decided that he absolutely did not like peeing in his carseat. Which led to him telling us he had to pee when we got to the movies. Next step in this adventure: night time potty training.

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