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Potty Training Chronicles: 💩

I don't remember what day it was but Tristan pooped in the potty. It was completely accidental because he was trying really hard to put peepee in the potty so that he could get a dinosaur sticker. Poop happened instead so he got a dum dum sucker. It was cute. He looked up at me and went "uh oh I pooped." I started cheering and clapping like crazy. They really need to warn you about the crazy things you'll cheer for when you become a parent. He was so proud that he pooped (and got a sucker) he told everyone. So Jeremy and I decided that we were going to buy less pull-ups. It will force us to make sure he stays in his training pants longer without relying on pull-ups when we are lazy. We'll have to wash laundry more but I think long term it will be worth it.

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