Mother's day: Martha's Tea Room; A review ☕️

Everyone has someone in their life that is notoriously difficult to give gifts too. That person in my life is my mom. It makes it worse that her love language is gift giving so whatever you give her must make her feel like it intentionally came from the heart.

This year I listened to little hints. She had been talking about tea parties and tea cups a lot. Plus she kept bringing up that she wanted to go to lunch with me and my brother. Timing never worked between his job and mine.

We were able to get together the Saturday before Mother's Day. Look how happy my mom looks.

We went just outside downtown Ocean Springs to this quaint little place called Martha's Tea Room.

Service was a little slow, but they were packed. The slowness was justified. The attitudes of the waitstaff stayed positive and they definitely exhibited a lot of teamwork.

I was slightly disappointed that their tea selection wasn't bigger. But they do carry a variety of popular choices.

The cost was what would be expected of a restaurant in a more touristy part of town.

Overall experience was great. My mom was happy and is dying to go back for hot tea and dessert.

Chocolate Cake and Italian Cream cake 😋

I'm not endorsed or financially attached to Martha's Tea Room. Click below to visit their Facebook page.

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