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Moments like this

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Moments like this won't happen forever. Looking for mommy first thing in the morning. Especially after sleeping in his big boy room. Asking for cuddles and falling back asleep on mommy's pillow. Bringing all the booboos...even the fake ones...for mommy's magic kiss. "Mommy, big bad wolf again." "Mommy, diddle diddle again." Moments like this are fleeting fast. Crying when mommy leaves for work as already been replaced with "bye love you" Carrying him around has been replaced with "Let me walk." Morning cuddles and cartoons will change to morning routine and catching school buses soon. There will be no more hey diddle diddle. Or rescuing him from monsters. Or the big bad wolf huffing and puffing. One day his hand will be bigger than mine. And he won't need to hold it to cross the street. So let me treasure them now. The proudly cheering me on while I pee pee and telling me that mommybgets a sticker too. The matching of socks that aren't really matched at all. The excitement of bringing mommy another purple flower that he'll be taught one day are weeds. And most importantly the morning cuddles and cartoons.

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