About Us

Making Mud Pies in Rain Storms

My name is Ashley. I'm a mom of 5 boys so I know life can get pretty messy. I also know that finding products and clothing for boys that helps create that perfect picture are hard to find. I am in the process of designing t-shirts and creating mail boxes for little boys. 

I also am an Usborne Books and More consultant. Reach out to me for your book party needs. 


Our Story

When my husband was going through his divorce, I had offered him a place to stay. We realized that we had a natural spark and the rest was history. We got married in 2016. We had thought that his boys were going to be all that we were going to have. Then we decided to try for one of our own. We welcomed Tristan into our family in 2019. He loved his older brothers instantly. In 2021, we had a surprise pregnancy and welcomed Trevor in 2022. We are excited to see what this new chapter of life brings us. 

Meet The Dirt Eaters